Bailey’s Senior Session + New Beginnings!

What a strange summer. For all of us, right? Truth be told I’ve been lost on what to post on this platform. The words just wouldn’t come, and the last thing I want to do is post inauthentic ideas just to entertain my few viewers.

So I’ve been quiet. Reading, listening for the voice of the Lord, spending time in His presence (and loving our biweekly prayer meetings at Go Prayer Gatherings!). Chasing a newly-mobile one year old. Crafting a home where he can grow and learn, where my husband can rest and feel renewed, where my own creative endeavors can flourish. Dreaming.

I picked up Seth’s old camera. Photography has been something I’ve toyed with in the past, but never as a possible avenue for income on the side. Never as a way to tell stories of individuals and families, the story God has uniquely woven for them. I’ve been studying and learning and practicing. It’s my honor to begin to share these sessions with you!

This is Bailey. My niece and friend. I can’t imagine going into senior year not knowing how school will look a week from now, a month from now. She has had challenges in the past but always comes out the other side stronger and more graceful. She inspires me! Her quiet strength and compassionate heart is a safe space for friends and family alike, and I’m so proud of the way she is allowing the Lord to shape her heart and the way she seeks wisdom for the next step. Here are a few of my favorites from Bailey’s lovely session!

If you are interested in a photo session, I have opened slots for senior, family, and couples sessions! My prices are incredibly low since I am just starting out. Please message me on instagram @kassgallagher for more information. I’d love to find a cool spot for your session!

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