Welcome to our Homestead.

I’m so excited to begin this journey! Blogging has been a dream of mine for a long time (just ask my high school Pinterest boards). In 2019, I became a stay-at-home mom for the first time. What a change. I have worked 40+ hour weeks since I was a sophomore in college, so suddenly being home with just myself and a little person was such a shift in what I knew. I noticed I began to lose myself and my interests after being home for so many weeks on end.

In 2020, I resolved to revive the creative spirit in me. To everyday turn to the Word as my daily Bread, the Living Water stirring and sustaining me. I was Created to create, and learn, and share, and my hope is that this blog will be a journal of sorts to document this process. To give Glory to the Creator who knitted me together, and continues to reveal parts of His nature to me and through me every day.

Why The Gallagher Homestead? Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines homestead as “the home and adjoining land occupied by a family” or “the ancestral home.” Seth and I feel that this year is a definitive one for our family. We are raising our first son, who will become a leader for all the siblings that follow him, in our first home, where we will lay the foundation for the culture of our family for generations to come. We are dreaming of owning a literal homestead in the future, but for now our little house is perfect for our contented hearts.

So what will I be writing about? Good question! My role in life at this time is a wife and mother and homemaker, so I would say this would be my target audience. But more than that, its the woman who wants to be intentional about cultivating beauty in her corner of the world. Who desires to steward what she has been given- from natural ways to feed and take care of her body, to reducing waste and toxins in her home, to investing in her family team, remaining firmly planted and full of gratitude through it all. I’ll share what I’m learning and experiencing, with hopes that my readers will do the same for me!

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I’ll be posting here and @thegallagherhomestead on Instagram. We may even see some Facebook groups pop up here and there! I can’t wait to see what this community becomes. Welcome to our Homestead.

Kassidy Gallagher

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